Basic Geometry, Numerical Algorithms and Interfaces
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNarpackfInterface to Fortran-ARPACK
oNlapackC++ Declarations for Lapack routines
oCAbstractLinearSolverTplTemplated interface for linear solver
oCAlignedAllocatorSTL-compatible aligned-memory allocator
oCArpackSolverInterface to ARPACK
oCAtmosphereCompute physical properties of the Standard Atmosphere
oCAttributeTreeBase class for objects which support hierarchical attribute sets
oCBarrierReuseable counting barrier
oCBasicEdgeBasic two-vertex edge object
oCBasicTriangleBasic linear triangle object
oCBenziSparseInverseApproximate sparse inverse for nonsymmetric problems
oCBinFileBlockRaw data block for binary files
oCBinFileNodeNode in binary file
oCBlobBinary blob
oCBndBoxBounding box
oCBndRectAxis-oriented Rectangle
oCBSearchTreeBounding-box search tree
oCCgMeshMesh container for visualization
oCCgnsBocoBoundary condition specification in cgns files
oCCgnsDescriptorAdds a Descriptor_t node at the current location in CGNS file
oCCgnsFileCGNS file with a single base
oCCgnsSectionSections, containing element data in CGNS files
oCCgnsSolFlow solution node in CGNS file
oCCgnsZoneZone in a cgns file
oCCgStripIndex container for triangle/line/quad strips/fans
oCColorSimple color class for visualization
oCConditionCondition variable
oCConfigParserConfiguration Parser
oCConnectMapContainer for connectivity data
oCConvertingSolverSolve in another precision
oCCraigSolverCraig's method for under-determined systems
oCCsrMatrixCompressed-row sparse matrix
oCCtxForkJoinQueueIsomorphic multithreading using thread-specific context
oCDftiTransformInterface to FFT interface in MKL
oCDimSearchTreeDimension search tree
oCDMatrixMatrix template
oCDop2d22D axis-aligned 2D bounding box expressed as a k-DOP
oCDop3d3Axis-aligned 3D bounding box expressed as a k-DOP
oCDop3d4Octahedral bounding volume in 3D
oCDop3d99-plane discrete polytope in 3D
oCDop4d1616-plane discrete polytope in 4D
oCDop4d4Axis-aligned 4D bounding box expressed as a k-DOP
oCDopBaseDiscrete oriented polytopes
oCDVectorHeap-allocated array
oCDynTriTreeDynamic tree for 2D triangles
oCEdgeTriangle edge
oCEdgeCurveCubic curve over edge
oCEigenSparseCholInterface to sparse Cholesky solver
oCEigenSparseLUInterface to sparse LU-decomposition
oCElementBase class for mesh elements
oCElementEdgeEdge of an element
oCEmulatedSimdTypeAuxilliary class used for type assembly
oCEnumObjectBase class for mapping enums to strings
oCErrorException base class
oCFaceTriangular face
oCFaceBubbleCap surface
oCFFANodeNode in FFA data file
oCFftBaseBase class for FFT library interfaces
oCFftw3TransformC++ Interface for FFTW3
oCFlagSetKeep track of how many have been tagged
oCFloatCompressorEncodes 32bit floats to 16bit, with loss of range and precision
oCFloatMortonLessMorton code for floating-point values
oCFloatRngGenerator for random double-precision values
oCForkJoinQueueIsomorphic fork-join multithreading (stack and queue)
oCForkJoinStackIsomorphic fork-join multithreading (stack)
oCForwardingTaskTask which forwards to a function object
oCFunctionQueueSimple task queue
oCGRULayerGated Recurrent Unit
oCHavelHeroutTriangle-ray intersection according to Havel & Herout
oCHdf5DatasetDataset in HDF5 file
oCHdf5FileInterface to HDF5 files
oCHdf5GroupGroup in HDF5 file
oCHdf5LocationLocation in a HDF5 file
oCHexElementHexahedral element with up to 20 nodes
oCHybridMeshObject-oriented Mesh containing different elements
oCImplicitTreeBalanced binary tree using implicit references to content
oCIntRngGenerator for random integer values
oCIoBufferBuffer for i/o operations
oCIterationTaskThread task for iterations
oCLineLine in euclidian space
oCLine2ElementLine element with two vertices
oCLine3ElementLine element with three vertices
oCLinearLayerLinear NN layer
oCLineFaceIsecIntersection of line and triangle
oCLockedQueueMutex-protected queue
oCLockfreePoolLock-free task container
oCLoggerInterface layer for monitoring long computations
oCLogRedirectorRedirect std::clog
oCLoopTaskTask for parallel loops
oCLsmrSolverLSMR: Iterative solver for least-squares problems
oCLsqrSolverLSQR: Iterative solver for least-squares problems
oCLuDecompLU Decomposition
oCLz4StreamLZ4 compressed binary stream
oCMeshFieldsHolds visualization data
oCMeshSliceCreate a plane slice through a triangular mesh
oCMortonLessN-dimensional Morton code
oCMxAnnotatedBase class for annotated mesh objects
oCMxElementFunctionA real-valued function taking element vertex indices as argument
oCMxElementTreeElement search tree for MxMesh
oCMxFieldBufferAbstraction for runtime-typed, sparse storage in MxMeshField
oCMxMaxDihedralAngleFunction to compute maxmimum dihedral angle for tetrahedral elements
oCMxMaxSkewAngleFunction to compute maxmimum skew angle for ideally parallel-sided elements
oCMxMeshMesh with dissimilar elements
oCMxMeshBocoBoundary conditions in mixed-element mesh
oCMxMeshDeformRepresent time-domain subspace mesh deformation
oCMxMeshFieldData fields on mixed-element meshes
oCMxMeshSectionSection of a mixed-element mesh
oCMxMeshSliceContainer for slice through MxMesh
oCMxMinDihedralAngleFunction to compute minimum dihedral angle for tetrahedral elements
oCMxMsqAdapterMesquite adapter for the entire mesh
oCMxMsqSectionAdapterMesquite interface adapter for a single section
oCMxSolutionTreeTree-based structure for multiple solutions in single MxMesh file
oCMxStreamerInterface for streaming result fields to file immediately
oCMxTangledElementFunction to test for tangled elements
oCMxTriTreeElement seach tree for deformation mapping
oCNDArrayBaseBase class for N-diemsnional arrays
oCNDPointTreeBalanced binary tree for N-dimensional points
oCOwrenSimonsen22Second-order two-stage SDIRK method
oCOwrenSimonsen23Second-order three-stage SDIRK method
oCOwrenSimonsen34Third-order four-stage SDIRK method
oCPacketBufferBinary data stream
oCParallelFilterParallel filter
oCPardisoBaseInternal wrapper object for MKL PARDISO
oCPardisoSolverInterface to PARDISO solver from MKL
oCParLoopParallel loop construct
oCPlaneA plane in three dimensions
oCpoint_lessComparator to sort points by coordinate
oCPointBlock16fBlock of 16 points
oCPointElementPoint element with a single vertex
oCPointGridPoints on a rectangular grid
oCPointListContiguously stored array of n-d points
oCPreconditionedLsqrInterface for optionally preconditioned LSQR
oCPreshingTableInteger hash table by Jeff Preshing
oCQuad4ElementQuadrilateral element with four vertices
oCQuad8ElementQuadrilateral element with eight vertices
oCQuad9ElementQuadrilateral element with nine vertices
oCQuantBufferQuantizes floating-point values using 16-bit integers
oCQuantMortonLessMorton order using quantized floating-point values
oCRangeTaskDeprecated - use IterationTask or LoopTask instead
oCRCIndexMapRow/column index map
oCRctSearchTreeDimension search tree
oCRFrameReference Frame
oCRotationRotation in space
oCRpcOperatorWrapper for right preconditioning
oCRSearchTreeBounding-rectangle search tree
oCScalarSplineTplSimple cubic spline in one variable
oCScopedLockScoped lock
oCScopedSettingChange a scalar within a scope only
oCScopeTimerRecord time for the execution of a scoped block
oCSdirkBaseBase class for SDIRK integrators
oCSecondOrderSystemInterface for SDIRK integrators
oCSegmentLine segment
oCSemaphoreTwo-level semaphore
oCSharedVectorShared pointer to vector
oCSimdBaseBase class for vector types
oCSMatrixFixed size matrix
oCSolIterativeSolverBase class for iterative methods developed by Stanford/SOL
oCSpanEncapsulation of pointer and size
oCSparseBlockMatrixSparse matrix of small blocks
oCSparseBuilderHelper object for the assembly of sparse matrices
oCSparseQRInterface for SPQR from Davis' SuiteSparse package
oCSparsityCounterSparsity pattern counter based on hash table
oCSplineBasisSpline Basis
oCSpMatrixFlagUtility to differentiate sparse matrix types
oCSpMatrixTCompressed-row matrix
oCSpoolesBaseBase class for wrapper around SPOOLES
oCSpoolesSolverInterface for SPOOLES sparse solver
oCSpVectorTSparse vector
oCStdSecondOrderSystemDense-matrix interface for SDIRK integrators
oCStreamPacketBinary data packet for streaming
oCSurfaceStreamlinesCompute streamlines on a discretized surface
oCSVectorFixed size vector
oCSyncedStreamDeviceSynchronized stream device
oCSysInfoSystem information
oCTaskContainerContainer for thread tasks
oCTaskContextMechanism to wait for completion of a set of tasks
oCTaskSchedulerTask-stealing thread pool
oCTetraElementTetrahedral element with up to 10 nodes
oCThreadGroupHandles a group of threads (boost, C++98)
oCThreadPoolGroup of threads
oCThreadTaskTask for multithreaded processing
oCTlsCounterHelper class for managing thread-local containers
oCTrafoTplGeometric transformations
oCTri3ElementTriangle element with three vertices
oCTri6ElementTriangle element with six vertices
oCTriangulationTriangular surface
oCTriFaceTriangular face of a TriMesh
oCTriMeshSpecialized triangular surface mesh
oCTriSetTriangles sorted by Morton ordering
oCTypeCodeInteger type code
oCUmfpackContextContext for calling UMFPACK
oCUmfpackSolverInterface to direct sparse solver UMFPACK
oCUnv58DatasetHelper class for importing files containing UNV dataset 58
oCVolWaveDragUtility class for wave drag estimation
oCWallclockSimple wallclock timing
oCWorkStackLast-in, first-out task stack
oCXmlElementXML Element
oCYamlDocCreates a new YAML document
oCYamlMapCreates a new YAML map
oCYamlSeqCreates a new YAML sequence
\CZipFileMinimal frontend to zlib