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Error Class Reference

Detailed Description

Exception base class.

Base of all exceptions thrown in this library. It can be thrown with a string and (optionally) and int as arguments and sets a message string accordingly. Any main program should catch this exception type as in

     ... use smesh library ...
  catch (Error & xcp)
     cout << xcp.getMsg();

A GUI application can perhaps pop up a message box instead of the terminal notification (which would be invisible to the user). Since all exceptions are derived from Error, the above catch{} block handles all of them.

#include <xcept.h>

Inherits std::runtime_error.

Public Member Functions

 Error ()
 empty constructor: do nothing
 Error (const std::string &s)
 print error message and quit
 Error (const std::string &s, int i)
 error message plus integer
std::string swhat () const
 error message as std::string
int code () const
 access error code (translations...)
const std::string & backtrace () const
 access stack backtrace (Linux only)

Private Attributes

int m_ecode
 error code
std::string m_btrace
 stack backtrace, on Linux and in debugging mode only

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