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Logger Class Reference

Detailed Description

Interface layer for monitoring long computations.

This class is to be overloaded by in order to display progress status and log messages to the user. Usually, this would be done to allow monitoring of int-running, hopefully multithreaded computations which regularly update the progress status indicator and check for the value of a termination flag.

This class is thread-safe as implemented. Note that child objects which overload the virtual log() function must permit concurrent calls to that function.

Convert to use variadic templates.

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#include <logger.h>

Public Member Functions

 Logger ()
 initialize progress variables
 Logger (const Logger &a)
 copy construction
Loggeroperator= (const Logger &a)
 explicit copy assignment
virtual ~Logger ()
 virtual destruction
void storeLogMessages (bool flag)
 switch log storage on/off
const std::vector< std::string > & logMessages () const
 access stored messages
virtual void log (const std::string &s) const
 called by all convenience interfaces, overloaded by display client
template<typename FirstType , typename... MoreTypes>
void log (const FirstType &a1, const
 called by all convenience interfaces, overloaded by display client
void reset ()
 reset progress and interrupt flag
bool increment (int step=1)
 increment progress, return true if interruption flag is set
virtual bool nextStage (int steps)
 proceed to next stage, return true if interruption flag is set
int progress () const
 query current progress
int nsteps () const
 number of steps in present stage
float percentage () const
 percentage of work completed in present stage
int stage () const
 query current processing stage
void interrupt (bool flag)
 set interruption flag
bool interrupted () const
 query interrupt flag

Private Attributes

int m_progress
 fine-grained progress status
int m_stepsInStage
 number of steps in current stage
std::atomic< int > m_stage
 coarse-grained progress
std::atomic< bool > m_interrupt
 interruption flag
bool m_storeLogMessages
 whether to store log message in list
std::vector< std::string > m_logMessages
 one string per line if storage is switched on

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