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LsqrSolver< Scalar > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename Scalar>
class LsqrSolver< Scalar >

LSQR: Iterative solver for least-squares problems.

The operator 'A' passed to solve() needs to provide the interface

  void muladd(const DVector<Scalar> &x, DVector<Scalar> &y);
  void muladdTransposed(const DVector<Scalar> &x, DVector<Scalar> &y);

which compute y = A*x and y = transpose(A)*x.

This implementation differs from the LSQR paper in that it includes an additional termination criterion based on the scaled length of x. In trust- region methods for least-squares problems, a solution |s*x| < delta is often needed, and in that case, it may be advantageous to truncate LSQR early based on the scaled radius criterion.

See Also
CraigSolver, LsmrSolver

#include <lsqr.h>

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Public Member Functions

void maxRadius (const DVector< Scalar > &s, Scalar r)
 optional termination: stop if |s*x| >= r
void maxRadius (Scalar r)
 optional termination: stop if |x| >= r
template<class Operator >
ExitCode solve (const Operator &A, const DVector< Scalar > &b, DVector< Scalar > &x, Scalar lambda=0)
 minimize |Ax - b|^2 + lambda |x|^2
- Public Member Functions inherited from SolIterativeSolver
void tolerance (int maxiter, double atoler, double btoler, double conlim=1e8)
 set convergence tolerances and maximum number of iterations

Private Member Functions

bool radiusExceeded (const DVector< Scalar > &x) const
 check radius criterion if enabled
void steihaugPoint (const DVector< Scalar > &xp, DVector< Scalar > &x)
 blend xp and x such that |x| = delta

Private Attributes

DVector< Scalar > m_work [3]
 work space, to avoid re-allocation when solve() is called often
DVector< Scalar > m_xscale
 scaling vector used to constrain |s*x|^2 < m_xrsq
Scalar m_xrsq = 0
 permitted squared length of x (0 means no constraint)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SolIterativeSolver
static const char * statusMessage (int code)
 access text corresponding to error code
static bool success (int code)
 does exit code indicate succes (in some sense, at least)?
- Protected Attributes inherited from SolIterativeSolver
double m_atol = 1e-6
 convergence criteria
double m_btol = 1e-6
 convergence criteria
double m_conlim = 1e8
 condition number limit (actually, limit for the estimated condition)
size_t m_maxiter = 128
 permitted number of iteration

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