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LuDecomp< MatrixType > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<class MatrixType>
class LuDecomp< MatrixType >

LU Decomposition.

LuDecomp always factors the matrix passed in the constructor inplace, i.e. it overwrites the constructor argument. In the same manner, the arguments to solve() are overwritten by the respective solution.

LAPACK is used if available; if not, the partial-pivoting implementation from the Eigen library is called instead.

#include <lu.h>

Public Member Functions

 LuDecomp (MatrixType &a)
 initialize and factor
 LuDecomp ()
 empty initialization
int factor (MatrixType &a)
 factorize a, overwrites a, returns status
int msolve (MatrixType &b) const
 solve Ax=b, overwrite b
template<class VectorType >
int vsolve (VectorType &b) const
 solve Ax=b, overwrite b
value_type onorm (const MatrixType &a) const
 compute the one-norm of matrix a
value_type rcond (value_type anorm) const
 compute reciprocal condition number from factorization
int inverse (MatrixType &mi) const
 compute inverse matrix (after factoring), copy into mi

Private Attributes

MatrixType::value_type * plu
std::vector< int > ip

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