Basic Geometry, Numerical Algorithms and Interfaces
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RFrame Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

Reference Frame.

Every geometric entity inherits its own local reference frame which provides methods to translate and rotate the body with respect to a global reference. All transformation operations modify the reference frame. When multiple rotations are specified, they will be performed in axes order, i.e. (1.) Rotation about x-Axis, (2) about y-Axis, (3) about z-Axis.

An object which inherits from RFrame must provide a method

  void apply();

which implements the homogeneous transform for the objects using the protected 4x4 transformation matrix 'mat'. A example transformation sequence would look like:

  Surface surf;
  surf.rotate(0.2, 0, 0);
  surf.translate(3.0, 4.0, -2.5);

#include <trafo.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RFrame ()
 default construction
virtual ~RFrame ()
 virtual destructor
virtual void apply ()=0
 this method must be provided by childs
void clear ()
 apply should finally call this method to clear transformation matrix
Vct3 getOrigin () const
 return the position of the current frame relative to global origin
void translate (const Vct3 &v)
 move reference frame by translation vector
void translate (Real dx, Real dy, Real dz)
 move reference by (dx,dy,dz)
void rotate (Real betax, Real betay, Real betaz)
 rotate by (betax, bety, betaz) around origin axis
void rotate (const Vct3 &rotax, Real angle)
 rotate by angle around axis
void scale (Real xf, Real yf, Real zf)
 scales in three dimensions by the factors given
void scale (Real f)
 scale in all directions
void mirror (const Vct3 &normal)
 mirror about plane - parameter is mirror plane normal
const SMatrix< 4, 4 > & trafoMatrix () const
 return transformation matrix
void setTrafoMatrix (const SMatrix< 4, 4 > &m)
 set transformation matrix
Vct3 forward (const Vct3 &a) const
 coordinate-transform vector
void forward (const PointList< 4 > &a, PointList< 4 > &b) const
 coordinate-transform vector backwards

Protected Attributes

SMatrix< 4, 4 > mat
 transformation matrix

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