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SdirkBase< N > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<int N>
class SdirkBase< N >

Base class for SDIRK integrators.

Implementations of various singly-diagonal implicit Runge-Kutta (SDIRK) schemes inherit from this class which implements the implicit Runge-Kutta stepping for 2nd order dynamic systems.

Favorable properties of SDIRK integrators are:

Note: Do not use this class directly; only the child classes initialize the integration coefficients.

See Also
SecondOrderSystem, OwrenSimonsen22, OwrenSimonsen23, OwrenSimonsen34

#include <sdirk.h>

Collaboration diagram for SdirkBase< N >:

Public Member Functions

Real step (SecondOrderSystem &sys, Real tn, Real h, const Vector &un, const Vector &vn, Vector &us, Vector &vs)
 perform a single step from tn to tn + h, return error estimate if possible
Real richardson (SecondOrderSystem &sys, Real tn, Real h, const Vector &un, const Vector &vn, Vector &us, Vector &vs)
 perform Richardson extrapolation, return error estimate

Protected Member Functions

void initCoefficients ()
 compute the derived coefficients
void initOwrenSimonsen ()
 compute the b, c for stiffly accurate rules
void allocate (size_t n)
 allocate workspace
Real nextStep (Real h, Real errorEst) const
 determine new stepsize from error estimate and tolerance

Protected Attributes

SMatrix< N, N > m_a
 coefficients multiplying y'
SVector< N > m_b
 result coefficients
SVector< N > m_bhat
 coefficients for error estimator (m_estage > 0)
SVector< N > m_c
 timestep coefficient
Vector m_k [N]
Real m_gamma
 diagonal coefficient gamma
Real m_hReduction = 0.25
 stepsize reduction limit
Real m_hExpansion = 4.00
 stepsize expansion limit
Real m_order = 2.0
 order of the advancing method
int m_estage = 0
 number of stages of the embedded error estimator

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