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SecondOrderSystem Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

Interface for SDIRK integrators.

Integration adapter for second-order dynamic systems of the form

\[ M a + C v + K u = F(t) \]

where the numerical stiffness of the differential equation is introduced by the linear left-hand terms (e.g. eig(K,M) span a wide range).

See Also
OwrenSimonsen22, OwrenSimonsen23, OwrenSimonsen34, StdSecondOrderSystem

#include <sdirk.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SecondOrderSystem ()=default
 undefined system
virtual ~SecondOrderSystem ()=default
 virtual base class
virtual void aSolve (Real hg, Real t, const Vector &u, const Vector &v, Vector &a)=0
 solve the system T*a = F(t) - K*u - C*v, with T = M + hg*C + sq(hg)*K

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