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SolIterativeSolver Class Reference

Detailed Description

Base class for iterative methods developed by Stanford/SOL.

See Also
CraigSolver, LsmrSolver

#include <stanfordsolver.h>

Inheritance diagram for SolIterativeSolver:

Public Member Functions

void tolerance (int maxiter, double atoler, double btoler, double conlim=1e8)
 set convergence tolerances and maximum number of iterations

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * statusMessage (int code)
 access text corresponding to error code
static bool success (int code)
 does exit code indicate succes (in some sense, at least)?

Protected Attributes

double m_atol = 1e-6
 convergence criteria
double m_btol = 1e-6
 convergence criteria
double m_conlim = 1e8
 condition number limit (actually, limit for the estimated condition)
size_t m_maxiter = 128
 permitted number of iteration

Static Private Attributes

static const char * s_error_msg []
 whether to print iteration reports More...

Member Data Documentation

const char * SolIterativeSolver::s_error_msg
Initial value:
= {
"The exact solution is x = 0",
"Ax - b is small enough, given atol, btol",
"The least-squares solution is good enough, given atol",
"The estimate of cond(Abar) has exceeded conlim",
"Ax - b is small enough for this machine",
"The least-squares solution is good enough for this machine",
"Cond(Abar) seems to be too large for this machine",
"The iteration limit has been reached",
"The system Ax = b seems to be incompatible"
"Maximum permitted length of x is exceeded."

whether to print iteration reports

error text messages

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