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SpMatrixFlag Class Reference

Detailed Description

Utility to differentiate sparse matrix types.

The wrapper classes for the linear solvers used below depend on a way to identify which type of matrix is to be factored. This simple container for a few constants is used to pass information about matrix properties to the solver constructor.

See Also

#include <abstractlinearsolver.h>

Public Types

enum  Type
 matrix type, uses 4 bits for each field

Static Public Member Functions

static uint symmetryFlag (uint t)
 extract component
static uint valueFlag (uint t)
 extract component
static uint definiteFlag (uint t)
 extract component
static uint rectangularFlag (uint t)
 extract component
static bool isSymmetric (uint t)
 matrix property tests
static bool isReal (uint t)
 matrix property tests
static bool isComplex (uint t)
 matrix property tests
static bool isDefinite (uint t)
 matrix property tests
static bool isSquare (uint t)
 matrix property tests

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