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SparsityCounter Class Reference

Detailed Description

Sparsity pattern counter based on hash table.

Sparsity Counter can be used to assemble the nonzero pattern of a sparse matrix from irregular input data, for instance when the sparsity pattern is determined by a numerical criterion instead of a purely topological relationship. The sparsity pattern is stored in an boost::unordered_set, which is most likely rather inefficient for access in numerical algorithms. Therefore, this object is normally only used in the construction phase of the sparse matrix nonzero pattern, which is then stored efficiently in a ConnectMap.

Evaluate whether the use of ordered (std::set) containers is more efficient, as it eliminates the need for the sorting step in ConnectMap::assign().
See Also

#include <sparsitycounter.h>

Public Member Functions

 SparsityCounter ()
 empty counter
size_t size () const
 number of entries registered
const_iterator begin () const
 access stored coordinates
const_iterator end () const
 access stored coordinates
void append (uint row, uint col)
 append coordinate value to set
void append (uint row, uint n, const uint cols[])
 append multiple values for the same row
void append (const ConnectMap &map)
 append a full map
void merge (const SparsityCounter &a)
 merge with another counter
void clear ()
 remove contents

Private Attributes

CoordSet coord
 unique storage for coordinates

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