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StdSecondOrderSystem Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

Dense-matrix interface for SDIRK integrators.

This is an implementation of a second-order structural system using dense linear algebra, mostly for testing, debugging purposes or for problems with few degrees of freedom (i.e. O(100)) which do not justify the additional effort of using sparse-matrix operations.

See Also
OwrenSimonsen22, OwrenSimonsen23, OwrenSimonsen34, SecondOrderSystem

#include <sdirk.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~StdSecondOrderSystem ()=default
 virtual base class
virtual void aSolve (Real hg, Real t, const Vector &u, const Vector &v, Vector &a) override
 solve the system T*a = F(t) - K*u - C*v, with T = M + hg*C + sq(hg)*K
virtual void force (Real t, const Vector &u, const Vector &v, Vector &f)=0
 overload this: determine external force
- Public Member Functions inherited from SecondOrderSystem
 SecondOrderSystem ()=default
 undefined system
virtual ~SecondOrderSystem ()=default
 virtual base class

Protected Attributes

Matrix m_M
 constant system matrices
Matrix m_T
 current iteration matrix T = M + hg*C + sq(hg)*K
Vector m_rhs
 temporary storage
Real m_hglast = 0
 value of h*gamma for which T was factored
Eigen::LLT< EMatrix > m_llt
 Cholesky factorization of T.

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