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TaskContext Class Reference

Detailed Description

Mechanism to wait for completion of a set of tasks.

  • Investigate task object lifetime implications
See Also

#include <tasksystem.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TaskContext ()
 create a new context
 TaskContext (TaskScheduler &s)
 create a new context with it's own scheduler
template<typename F >
void enqueue (F &&f)
 enqueue a task for execution and run when resources available
void wait ()
 wait until all submitted tasks are completed

Private Member Functions

void submit (uint n=1)
 register that n more tasks will be committed to the queue
void completed ()
 register one task as completed

Private Attributes

std::atomic< uint > m_enqeued
 number of tasks in queue but not completed
TaskSchedulerm_scheduler = TaskScheduler::pool()
 thread pool to use
std::condition_variable m_completed
 notified when all tasks completed
std::mutex m_mutex
 mutex to protect cv

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