Basic Geometry, Numerical Algorithms and Interfaces
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TriFace Member List

This is the complete list of members for TriFace, including all inherited members.

area() const TriFace
assign(const TriMesh *m, uint a, uint b, uint c)TriFaceinline
bind(const TriMesh *m, uint off=0)TriFaceinline
center() const TriFace
corner(uint i) const TriFace
dotIntegrate(const Vector &p, const PointList< 3 > &z) const TriFace
edgeLengths(Vct3 &elen) const TriFace
equivalent(const TriFace &a) const TriFaceinline
eval(Real up, Real vp) const TriFace
getVertices(uint *vi) const TriFaceinline
gradient(Mtx33 &gm) const TriFace
gradient(const Vector &x) const TriFace
gradient(const CpxVector &x) const TriFace
hash() const TriFaceinline
inRange() const TriFace
intersect(const Plane &pln, Vct3 &src, Vct3 &trg) const TriFace
isValid() const TriFaceinline
itranslate(const Indices &repl)TriFaceinline
mesh() const TriFaceinline
minDistance(const Vct3 &pt, Vct2 &foot) const TriFace
normal() const TriFace
normal(Vct3 &nrm) const TriFace
operator!=(const TriFace &a) const TriFaceinline
operator<(const TriFace &a) const TriFaceinline
operator==(const TriFace &a) const TriFaceinline
opposed(const TriEdge &e) const TriFaceinline
order(uint a, uint b, uint c)TriFaceinlineprotected
pierce(const Vct3 &a, const Vct3 &b) const TriFace
project(const Vct3 &pt) const TriFace
replace(uint iold, uint inew)TriFaceinline
solidAngle(uint idx) const TriFace
tag() const TriFaceinline
tag(int t)TriFaceinline
TriFace(const TriMesh *m, uint a, uint b, uint c)TriFaceinline
vertices() const TriFaceinline
xIntegrate(const Vector &p, const Vct3 &ref, Vct3 &pn, Vct3 &rxpn) const TriFace