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ZipFile Class Reference

Detailed Description

Minimal frontend to zlib.

ZipFile provides a simple interface for the reading and writing of standard .zip archive files. This class is available only if the 'zip' option is added to the project file.

#include <zipfile.h>

Public Member Functions

 ZipFile ()
 undefined zipfile
 ~ZipFile ()
 close file if any
bool openArchive (const std::string &archive)
 open existing zip file, move to first file in archive
bool nextFile ()
 move to next file
std::string currentFile ()
 retrieve name of current file in archive
bool locateFile (const std::string &fname)
 move to file named fname
bool openCurrentFile ()
 open current file
int read (uint nbytes, char *buf)
 read data from current file
size_t readOffset () const
 current uncompressed byte offset (reading)
uint skip (uint n)
 read n bytes (decompressed) from current file and discard
bool closeCurrentFile ()
 close current file
size_t dumpFile (std::ostream &os)
 dump content of current file into stream
bool createArchive (const std::string &archive)
 create new zip archive
bool newFile (const std::string &fname, int level=-1)
 begin a new file in currently created archive
bool write (uint nbytes, const char *buf)
 write data to file
size_t writeOffset () const
 current uncompressed byte offset (writing)
bool closeFile ()
 close current archive file
bool write (const std::string &fname, uint nbytes, const char *buf)
 shortcut for the above three
bool closeArchive ()
 close archive file

Static Public Member Functions

static bool isZip (const std::string &fname)
 test file header

Private Attributes

unzFile m_ufile
 zlib file handle for unzipping
zipFile m_zfile
 zlib file handle for zipping
size_t m_rposition
 uncompressed byte position pointer for reading
size_t m_wposition
 uncompressed byte position pointer for writing

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