Basic Geometry, Numerical Algorithms and Interfaces
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Todo List
Class CgMesh
Rewrite the color handling stuff for 3DXML import.
Class Dop4d16< Type >
Implementation note: pcoef() is not optimized away, which means that c[16] (stack) is actually filled and read again once, resulting in a lot of uneccessary mov instructions. Need to find an alternative implementation which guarantees inlining.
Member eig (const SMatrix< N, N, NumType > &a, SVector< N, std::complex< NumType > > &lambda, SMatrix< N, N, std::complex< NumType > > &v)
Avoid copies.
Class FFANode
Implement streaming format (version 2014)
Class Logger
Convert to use variadic templates.
Class MxElementTree
  • Extend nearest() to all element types
  • Test whether bounding volumes can use single precision
Class OwrenSimonsen23
Implement embedded error estimator
Class OwrenSimonsen34
Implement embedded error estimator
Class SparsityCounter
Evaluate whether the use of ordered (std::set) containers is more efficient, as it eliminates the need for the sorting step in ConnectMap::assign().
Class TaskContext
  • Investigate task object lifetime implications
Member TaskScheduler::run (unsigned i)
Will only wake up when queue i is notified - hmm.
Class WorkStack< TaskType >
Implement corresponing FIFO queue.