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AsyComponent Class Reference

Detailed Description

Base class for top-level components.

A component (for sumo) is a single continuous surface and the associated end closure descriptions and mesh generation parameters.

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#include <asycomponent.h>

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Public Types

enum  CapSide { CapULo =0, CapUHi =1, CapVLo =2, CapVHi =3 }

Public Member Functions

 AsyComponent ()
 undefined surface
virtual ~AsyComponent ()
 virtual destructor
bool defined () const
 check if surface is defined
const std::string & name () const
 check if any cap was intersected More...
void component (const MeshComponentPtr &mcp)
 set main mesh component
void surface (const SurfacePtr &s)
 set main surface
const SurfacePtr & surface () const
 access main surface
void surface (const SurfacePtr &s) const
 access main surface
const DnRefineCriterionPtr & criterion () const
 access mesh criterion
void criterion (const DnRefineCriterionPtr &c)
 access mesh criterion
uint mainTag () const
 access main surface mesh tag
void mainTag (uint t)
 access main surface mesh tag
uint capTag (uint k) const
 access end cap surface mesh tag
void capTag (uint k, uint t)
 access end cap surface mesh tag
void surfaceChanged ()
 mark surface as changed
void stretchedMesh (bool flag)
 use algorithm to generate streched mesh
bool stretchedMesh () const
 access anisotropic mesh setting
void smoothing (uint nsm, Real wsm)
 set number of smoothing iterations and factor
void kinkLimit (Real k)
 access kink limiter
Real kinkLimit () const
 access kink limiter
const MeshComponentPtr & cap (CapSide s) const
 retrieve cap mesh component
void endCap (const EndCap &c)
 register cap
const EndCapendCap (uint k) const
 access end cap
EndCapendCap (uint k)
 access end cap
void endCap (CapSide s, EndCap::Shape shape, Real h)
 generate a long cap at s (axial parametrization)
void translation (const Vct3 &t)
 change translation transformation
const Vct3 & translation () const
 access translation transformation
void rotation (const Vct3 &r)
 change rotation transformation
const Vct3 & rotation () const
 access rotation transformation
void append (MeshGenerator &mg)
 add to mesh generator
void adaptCaps ()
 adapt caps to main surfaces after refinement
virtual void defaultCriterion ()
 overload: create a sensible default mesh criterion
virtual void buildInitGrid (PointGrid< 2 > &pgi)
 generate initialization grid, provided by surface by default
virtual XmlElement toXml () const
 write as XML
virtual void fromXml (const XmlElement &xe)
 retrieve from XML

Protected Member Functions

void transform ()
 apply transformation to surfaces
void generateCaps ()
 generate cap surfaces (involves premeshing)

Protected Attributes

MeshComponentPtr main
 main surface
EndCap ecaps [4]
 end caps (possibly 4)
Vct3 sTrn
Vct3 sRot
Vct3 sScl
uint maintag
 tags received after mesh generation

Member Function Documentation

const std::string& AsyComponent::name ( ) const

check if any cap was intersected

access name

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