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BasicPart Class Reference

Detailed Description

Single-surface part.

A simple topological component which contains only a single surface, and, optionally, can generate simple cap surfaces. The main purpose of this class is to make importing legacy geometry as straightforward as possible, because this pattern maps directly to the special case of all body components in smx 2.x

See Also
TopoPart, WingPart

#include <basicpart.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BasicPart (const std::string &s)
 create empty part
virtual ~BasicPart ()
 base class
void surface (SurfacePtr psf, DcMeshCritBasePtr mcrit)
 set surface and mesh criterion
const SurfacePtr & mainSurface () const
 access main surface, w/o caps
void meshBias (Real noseRefine, Real tailRefine)
 assign mesh biasing (nose and tail)
void mainBocoType (uint bc)
 set boundary condition type to write into mesh for main surface
void capBocoType (uint side, uint bc)
 set boundary condition type to write into mesh for main surface
virtual void inject (Topology &topo)
 insert this part into the topology object
uint makeFlatCap (Topology &topo, uint sideTag)
 generate a flat cap surface on boundary identified by side tag
uint makeRoundedCap (Topology &topo, uint sideTag, Real h=1.0)
 generate round cap, return face index
virtual void makeLegacyCaps (Topology &topo)
 generate caps as defined in imported xml
virtual void appendTo (const Topology &topo, MxMesh &mx, bool mergeBc=false)
 append final face meshes to global (does no merge nodes)
virtual void importLegacy (const XmlElement &xe)
 import legacy surface
- Public Member Functions inherited from TopoPart
 TopoPart (const std::string &s)
 named initialization
virtual ~TopoPart ()
 base class
virtual void configure (const ConfigParser &cfg)
 change part-specific configuration settings

Private Attributes

SurfacePtr m_surface
 the single surface
DcMeshCritBasePtr m_mcrit
 mesh criterion for this surface
uint m_iface [5]
 face index of the single surface and, optionally, the 4 caps
uint m_bocoface [5]
 boundary conditions for faces; default is all walls
Real m_capheight [4]
 cap definitions found in smx file; negative means no cap
bool m_uperiodic
 surface periodicity
bool m_vperiodic
Real m_noseRefine
 refinement factors at nose (v=0) and tail
Real m_tailRefine

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from TopoPart
static DcMeshCritPtr basicCriterion (const Surface &srf, Real rfactor=1.0)
 utility: create crude initial mesh criterion if nothing else available
static uint appendWithBC (const TopoFace &face, int btyp, MxMesh &mx)
 utility: add a topological face to mx, tagging with Mx::BocoType btyp

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