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CascadeMesh Class Reference

Detailed Description

Specialized semi-structured triangle mesh generator.

CascadeMesh starts with a grid of points which typically contains a set of finely discretized lines following the chord (u-coordinate) of a wing, and repeatedly inserts points between these lines in order to achieve a prescribed triangle stretch ratio.

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#include <cascademesh.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CascadeMesh ()
 empty cascade
 CascadeMesh (const Surface *srf, const PointGrid< 2 > &g)
 start with grid g
void generate (Real stretchlimit=20., uint kmax=5, bool generateTriangles=true)
 generate mesh with stretch below limit
const PointList< 2 > uvpoints () const
 access uv-plane points after mesh generation
void exportMesh (PointList< 2 > &qts, Indices &tri) const
 export mesh after processing
void exportMesh (PointList< 2 > &qts, PointList< 3 > &pts, Indices &tri) const
 export mesh after processing

Private Member Functions

void init (const PointGrid< 2 > &g)
 initialize from grid
const Vct2 & qgrid (uint i, uint j) const
 access point of the original grid
const Vct3 & pgrid (uint i, uint j) const
 access point of the original grid
uint injectPoint (const Vct2 &q)
 insert point and return index
void injectPoints (uint irow, uint jcol, uint k, Indices &a)
 insert 2^k - 1 points in row irow
void injectPoints (uint irow, uint jcol, uint k)
 insert 2^k - 1 points in row irow, do not create triangles
void addTriangle (uint a, uint b, uint c)
 generate a single triangles, flip direction if necessary
void addBlock23 (const uint a[2], const uint b[3])
 generate triangles for a block
void addBlock22 (const uint a[2], const uint b[2])
 generate triangles for a block
Real stretchp (uint irow, uint jcol) const
 determine actual stretch ratio of a single patch
Real stretch (uint irow, uint jcol) const
 determine worst stretch at vertex row
Real wrap (uint jcol) const
 wrap distance for column jcol
void processColumn (uint jcol, Real mxst)
 refine a single column

Private Attributes

PointList< 2 > m_ppt
 list of points in parameter plane
PointList< 3 > m_vtx
 points in 3D space
const Surfacem_psf
 surface to use
uint m_nrows
 dimensions of the grid used for initialization
uint m_ncols
Indices m_itri
uint m_maxkinsert
 maximum allowed insertion level
bool m_gentris
 whether to generate triangles or just points

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