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DnBoxAdaptor Class Reference

Detailed Description

Adapts mesh generation criterion.

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#include <dnboxadaptor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DnBoxAdaptor (const DnRefineCriterion &c)
 use criterion c inside
virtual void bind (const DnMesh *pm) const
 bind to mesh object
void addBox (const BndRect &br)
 register a refinement box around these points
void addBox (const PointList< 2 > &pts)
 register a refinement box around these points
virtual Real eval (const uint *vi) const
 evaluate criterion
virtual DnBoxAdaptorclone () const
 clone object
- Public Member Functions inherited from DnRefineCriterion
 DnRefineCriterion ()
 create unbound criterion (cannot be evaluated until bound)
 DnRefineCriterion (const DnMesh *pm)
 bind criterion object to mesh object
virtual ~DnRefineCriterion ()
void setCriteria (Real lmax, Real lmin, Real phimax, Real stretch, uint n=1073741824u)
 change refinement criteria
Real maxLength () const
 access specified maximum edge length
void maxLength (Real ml)
 set maximum edge length
Real minLength () const
 access specified minimum edge length
void minLength (Real ml)
 set minimum edge length
Real maxPhi () const
 access maximum normal angle
void maxPhi (Real mp)
 set maximum normal angle
Real maxStretch () const
 access stretch criterion
void maxStretch (Real ms)
 set stretch criterion
uint nmax () const
 access maximum number of vertices
void nmax (uint n)
 set maximum number of vertices
virtual void globalScale (Real f)
 apply a global scaling factor to all length values
virtual void fromXml (const XmlElement &xe)
 read criteria from xml representation
virtual XmlElement toXml () const
 write criteria to xml representation
- Public Member Functions inherited from DnCriterion
virtual ~DnCriterion ()
 virtual destructor

Private Attributes

const DnRefineCriterioncrit
 criterion to use inside the boxes
std::vector< BndRectboxes
 set of bounding boxes in which to ally c

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from DnRefineCriterion
static DnRefineCriterionPtr createFromXml (const XmlElement &xe)
 create any criterion from XML
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DnRefineCriterion
void setDefault ()
 apply default parameters
- Protected Attributes inherited from DnRefineCriterion
const DnMeshmsh
 mesh object to ask for coordinates
Real maxlen
 limits on geometric properties
Real minlen
Real maxphi
Real maxstretch
Real mincosphi
 derived property for angle criterion
uint nvmax
 maximum number of vertices to create by refinement

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