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DnEdge Class Reference

Detailed Description

Edge in a Delaunay triangulation.

An edge is represented by its source and target vertices. Since all edges are undirected (i.e s-t is the same as t-s), indices are ordered so that source() is always smaller than target(). Additionally, an edge can be connected to two triangles, whose indices are stored.

See Also

#include <dnedge.h>

Public Member Functions

 DnEdge (uint a, uint b)
 construct new edge
void reconnect (uint a, uint b)
 connect edge to different vertices
bool isValid () const
 check if edge is defined
void invalidate ()
 mark edge as invalid
uint source () const
 access source vertex index
uint target () const
 access target vertex index
uint nNeighbors () const
 count number of neighbor triangles
uint nbTriangle (uint i) const
 access neighbor triangle indices
uint opposed (uint ti) const
 access triangle which is opposed to triangle with index ti
uint find (uint i) const
 check if edge has vertex i
uint attachTriangle (uint fi)
 add triangle to neighbor list
uint detachTriangle (uint fi)
 remove triangle from neighbor list
uint replaceTriangle (uint fold, uint fnew)
 replace a connection with another
bool operator< (const DnEdge &a) const
 define a unique ordering for edges
bool operator== (const DnEdge &a) const
 define edge identity
Real pIntersect (const DnVertexArray &vtx, uint a, uint b) const
 compute where *this intersects (a,b) in the parameter domain
bool pIntersects (const DnVertexArray &vtx, uint a, uint b) const
 test if *this intersects (a,b) in the parameter domain
bool sIntersects (const Surface &srf, const DnVertexArray &vtx, uint a, uint b) const
 test if *this overlaps (a,b) in 3D space with small distance
Real pLength (const DnVertexArray &vtx) const
 edge length in parameter space
Real sLength (const DnVertexArray &vtx) const
 edge length in 3D space

Private Attributes

uint vi [2]
 source and target edge
uint nbf [2]
 exactly two neighbor faces

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