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DnVertex Class Reference

Detailed Description

Triangulation vertex.

Vertex representation which contains both the 3D position and the location of the point in the parameter plane (u,v). Hence, a DnVertex is always defined on a single parametric surface. The local surface normal is also stored.

See Also

#include <dnvertex.h>

Public Member Functions

 DnVertex ()
 undefined vertex
 DnVertex (const Surface &srf, const Vct2 &p)
 create a new vertex
const Vct2 & parpos () const
 access parameter position
const Vct3 & eval () const
 access 3D position on surface
const Vct3 & normal () const
 access surface normal vector
void displace (const Vct2 &p)
 move vertex in parameter plain only
void displace (const Surface &srf, const Vct2 &p)
 move vertex
uint attachTriangle (uint fi)
 append a triangle to neighbor list
void detachTriangle (uint fi)
 remove triangle from neighbor list
const Indices & nbTriangles () const
 neighbor triangles
void clearNeighbors ()
 remove all neighbors
bool canMoveTo (const DnVertexArray &vtx, const Vct2 &pt) const
 check if vertex can be moved to pt

Private Attributes

Vct3 xyz
 3D position and local surface normal
Vct3 nrm
Vct2 uv
 position in parameter space
Indices nbf
 list of triangles which share this vertex

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