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DnWingCriterion Class Reference

Detailed Description

Refinement criterion adapted for wing surfaces.

This is a specialized mesh refinement criterion for tapered wing surfaces. To provide a reasonable mesh quality, the maximum edge length parameter is scaled according to the local chord. Hence, the maxlen parameter should be given in terms of the maximum chord.

See Also

#include <dnwingcriterion.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DnWingCriterion ()
 create unbound criterion
 DnWingCriterion (const DnRegionCriterion &rc)
 copy refinement regions
void addBreak (Real v, Real f)
 add a break location
void addVKinks (const Surface &srf, const Vector &vk)
 register locations of kinks
void addBreaks (const CurvePtrArray &cpa, bool symflag=false)
 automatically generate breaks and scales from curve array
const Vector & breaks () const
 access current break positions
void edgeRefinement (Real lef, Real tef)
 change leading/trailing edge refinement factors
Real leRefinement () const
 access factors
Real teRefinement () const
 access factors
Real eval (const uint *vi) const
 evaluate triangle 'quality' - larger value means earlier refinement
DnWingCriterionclone () const
 clone object
void fromXml (const XmlElement &xe)
 read criteria from xml representation
XmlElement toXml () const
 write criteria to xml representation
- Public Member Functions inherited from DnRegionCriterion
 DnRegionCriterion ()
 create unbound criterion
 DnRegionCriterion (const DnMesh *pm)
 bind criterion object to mesh object
 DnRegionCriterion (const DnRefineCriterion &a)
 copy-construct a region criterion
virtual ~DnRegionCriterion ()
uint nregions () const
 number of currently active refinement regions
uint addRegion (const DnRefineRegion &rg)
 add a refinement region, general case
uint addRegion (const BndRect &rg, Real f)
 add a rectangular region with constant refinement
void removeRegions (uint first, uint last)
 remove regions with index [first, last)
void removeRegions (const Indices &idx)
 remove regions with indices idx
- Public Member Functions inherited from DnRefineCriterion
 DnRefineCriterion ()
 create unbound criterion (cannot be evaluated until bound)
 DnRefineCriterion (const DnMesh *pm)
 bind criterion object to mesh object
virtual ~DnRefineCriterion ()
virtual void bind (const DnMesh *pm) const
 bind to mesh object
void setCriteria (Real lmax, Real lmin, Real phimax, Real stretch, uint n=1073741824u)
 change refinement criteria
Real maxLength () const
 access specified maximum edge length
void maxLength (Real ml)
 set maximum edge length
Real minLength () const
 access specified minimum edge length
void minLength (Real ml)
 set minimum edge length
Real maxPhi () const
 access maximum normal angle
void maxPhi (Real mp)
 set maximum normal angle
Real maxStretch () const
 access stretch criterion
void maxStretch (Real ms)
 set stretch criterion
uint nmax () const
 access maximum number of vertices
void nmax (uint n)
 set maximum number of vertices
virtual void globalScale (Real f)
 apply a global scaling factor to all length values
- Public Member Functions inherited from DnCriterion
virtual ~DnCriterion ()
 virtual destructor

Private Member Functions

void initBreaks ()
 default scale and breakpoints 0,1

Private Attributes

Vector vbreak
 position of breaks and kinks
Vector vkinks
Vector scale
PointList< 3 > svkinks
 local derivatives Sv at kinks
Real lerFactor
 leading-edge and trailing-edge refinement factors
Real terFactor

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from DnRefineCriterion
static DnRefineCriterionPtr createFromXml (const XmlElement &xe)
 create any criterion from XML
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DnRefineCriterion
void setDefault ()
 apply default parameters
- Protected Attributes inherited from DnRegionCriterion
DnRegionArray regions
 refinement regions
- Protected Attributes inherited from DnRefineCriterion
const DnMeshmsh
 mesh object to ask for coordinates
Real maxlen
 limits on geometric properties
Real minlen
Real maxphi
Real maxstretch
Real mincosphi
 derived property for angle criterion
uint nvmax
 maximum number of vertices to create by refinement

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