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EndCap Class Reference

Detailed Description

Properties of caps on AsyComponents.

See Also

#include <endcap.h>

Public Types

enum  Shape { LongCap, RingCap }

Public Member Functions

 EndCap ()
 default cap is not present
 EndCap (Real h)
 instanciate default long cap (simple wingtip cap)
 EndCap (Shape s, Real h)
 detailed constructor
 EndCap (const XmlElement &xe)
 construct from xml element
void reset ()
 destroy surface
EndCap::Shape capShape () const
 access shape type
void capShape (EndCap::Shape s)
 access shape type
Real height () const
 access height value
void height (Real h)
 access height value
void toggle (bool flag)
 switch on/off
side_t attachedSide () const
 retrieve attachment side tag
void attachedSide (side_t s)
 set attachment side
bool isPresent () const
 check if present
void tag (uint t)
 set tag
uint tag () const
 query tag
MeshComponentPtr create (MeshComponentPtr main, side_t side)
 create cap on component 'body'
void adapt (MeshComponentPtr main, side_t side)
 adapt cap to current main body geometry
const MeshComponentPtr & component () const
 access component of the current cap surface
const SurfacePtr & surface () const
 access current cap surface itself
XmlElement toXml () const
 generate xml representation
void fromXml (const XmlElement &xe)
 recover from xml representation

Private Attributes

MeshComponentPtr cap
 cap surface geometry
Real fheight
 height parameter
EndCap::Shape shape
 shape identifier
side_t mainside
 which side of main is closed by this cap?
uint itag
 tag set after mesh generation
bool present
 present at all?

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