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IgesLine Class Reference

Detailed Description

Line in IGES file.

Inline-only implementation of fixed-length lines in IGES files. Allowed section letters are 'S' (start section), 'G' (general), 'D' (directory), 'P' (parameter) or 'T' (terminate).

See Also

#include <igesline.h>

Public Member Functions

 IgesLine ()
 create an undefined line
void erase ()
 erase line, fill with blanks
const char * content () const
 pointer to start of data block (72 chars long)
char * content ()
 pointer to start of data block (72 chars long)
uint copyContent (uint n, const char *src)
 copy character data into data block (max 72 bytes)
void fixedNumber (int i, int v)
 put an integer v in position i of a fixed format line
int fixedInteger (int i) const
 convert fixed-format field i to integer
void statusCode (uint blank, uint subswitch, uint useflag, uint hierarchy)
 assemble a status code for the directory section
void section (char sl)
 set section letter
char section () const
 retrieve section letter
void number (uint ln)
 set line number
uint number () const
 retrieve line number
void write (std::ostream &os) const
 write line to stream
void read (std::istream &is)
 read from stream

Private Attributes

char ms [81]
 line string

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