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IgesPlane Class Reference

Detailed Description

IGES 108 : Plane.

Spec : IGES 5.3 page 87

The plane entity can be used to represent an unbounded plane, as well as a bounded portion of a plane. In either of the above cases, the plane is defined within definition space by means of the coefficients A, B, C, D, where at least one of A, B, and C is nonzero and A·XT + B·YT + C·ZT = D for each point lying in the plane, and having definition space coordinates (XT, YT, ZT). The definition space coordinates of a point, as well as a size parameter, can be specified in order to assist in defining a system-dependent display symbol. These values are parameter data entries six through nine, respectively. This information, together with the four coefficients defining the plane, provides sufficient information relative to definition space in order to be able to position the display symbol. (In the unbounded plane example of Figure 23, the curves and the crosshair together constitute the display symbol.) Defaulting, or setting the size parameter to zero, indicates that a display symbol is not intended. The case of a bounded portion of a fixed plane requires the existence of a pointer to a simple closed curve lying in the plane. This is parameter five. The only allowed coincident points for this curve are the start point and the terminate point. The case of an unbounded plane requires this pointer to be zero.

See Also
IgesEntity, IgesFile

#include <iges108.h>

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Public Member Functions

 IgesPlane ()
 create plane entity
void definition (IgesFile &file)
 assemble definition
uint parse (const std::string &pds, const Indices &vpos)
 parse entity data
- Public Member Functions inherited from IgesEntity
 IgesEntity (int ety)
 create entity type etype
virtual ~IgesEntity ()
int etype () const
 entity type
int classOf () const
 entity class identifier
void form (int f)
 access the form field of the directory entry
void blank (int b)
 access status field: blank (0/1)
void subswitch (int b)
 access status field: subordinate switch (0-3)
void useflag (int b)
 access status field: use flag (0-6)
void hierarchy (int b)
 access status field: hierachy flag (0-2)
void trafoMatrix (int tfi)
 access transformation matrix field
int trafoMatrix ()
 access transformation matrix field
void label (const char *s)
 set entity label (use only 8 characters)
std::string label () const
 return label, if present
void subscript (int s)
 set entity subscript
void addNoteRef (int ide)
 add reference to assoc/note DE
void addPropRef (int ide)
 add reference to property/attribute table DE
uint pindex () const
 parameter data index
uint nNoteRef () const
 number of notes
uint nPropRef () const
 number of property references
int noteRef (uint k) const
 access note reference k
int propRef (uint k) const
 access property reference k
int append (IgesFile &igfile)
 append entity to file
bool retrieve (const IgesFile &igfile)
 retrieve entity from file

Public Attributes

Vct3 normal
 plane normal
Real distance
 distance from origin
Vct3 marker
 location of display marker
Real markerSize
 size of marker
uint ideBoundary
 DE of bounding curve, or 0 if unbounded.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IgesEntity
enum  IgesEntityClass {
  NoClass = 0, PointClass = 1, LineClass = 2, CurveClass = 4,
  SurfaceClass = 8, StructureClass = 16, AnyClass = 31
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from IgesEntity
static IgesEntitycreate (const IgesDirEntry &e)
 generate a new entity from code, return zero if not implemented
template<class EType >
static bool as (const IgesEntityPtr &ep, EType &t)
 convenience function
static int classOf (int etype)
 identity class of entity number
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from IgesEntity
static int asInt (const char *s, int k)
 convenience conversion function
static double asDouble (const char *s, int k)
 convenience conversion function
- Protected Attributes inherited from IgesEntity
IgesDirEntry entry
 directory entry
int plcpre
 line counts in parameter section
int plcpost
std::vector< int > addprop1
 additional properties (two groups)
std::vector< int > addprop2

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