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NstElementBase Class Reference

Detailed Description

Base class for NASTRAN finite elements.

See Also

#include <nstelements.h>

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Public Member Functions

 NstElementBase (const NstMesh *m)
 default construction
 NstElementBase ()
 initialize undefined element
virtual ~NstElementBase ()
 intended as base class
uint pid () const
 access property id
void pid (uint p)
 set property id
uint mcid () const
 access material coordinate system
void mcid (uint m)
 set property id
void mesh (const NstMesh *m)
 attach to mesh
const NstMeshmesh () const
 access parent mesh
void index2gid (const Element &e, uint vg[]) const
 convert index to GID

Static Public Member Functions

static void indexOffsets (int gidoffset, int eidoffset)
 change id offsets for writing

Static Protected Attributes

static int s_vixoffset = 0
 vertex index offset for output only
static int s_eixoffset = 0
 element index offset for output only

Private Attributes

const NstMeshmsh
 pointer to parent mesh
uint propid
 property id and material coordinate system
uint matcid

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