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Paver Class Reference

Detailed Description

Generates a triangular mesh by rows.

See Also
InitMesh, CascadeMesh

#include <paver.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Paver (const Surface &s)
 create a paver for surface s
void nextRow (const PointList< 2 > &row)
 append a single row of vertices, mesh
void nextVRow (Real v, const Vector &up)
 append a single row of vertices, mesh
void fan (const Vct2 &ctr)
 generate a fan as the last row
const PointList< 2 > & vertices () const
 access result
const Indices & triangles () const
 access result
void exportMesh (TriMesh &msh)
 convenience interface
void clear ()
 clear stored mesh

Private Member Functions

bool pickLow (uint ilo, uint ihi) const
 compute tangent to paving front
Vct3 eval (uint k) const
 evaluate parameter space vertex

Private Attributes

const Surfacesrf
 surface to pave
PointList< 2 > ppt
 parameter space points
Indices itriangles
 triangle indices into ppt
uint loffset
 offset pointer
uint hoffset

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