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PlanarMesh Class Reference

Detailed Description

Planar triangular mesh with cutouts.

This is a wrapper which hides the complexity of the DnMesh Delaunay surface mesh generator in order to provide a simpler interface suitable for plane mesh generation problems e.g. in structural modeling.

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#include <planarmesh.h>

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Public Member Functions

void init (const PointList< 3 > &pts)
 construct from plane point set
uint punch (const PointList< 3 > &h)
 add hole contour
uint enforce (const PointList< 3 > &h)
 enforce points to be present in mesh
void delaunay (Real maxaspect=4.0, int npass=1)
 generate a triangular mesh
const TriMeshmesh () const
 access resulting triangular mesh
void meshTag (int t)
 change mesh tag

Private Attributes

PointList< 2 > cbound
 set of bounding points and hole marker points
PointList< 2 > holemarker
std::vector< PointList< 2 > > choles
 hole contours
std::vector< PointList< 2 > > cforce
PlaneSurfacePtr psf
 plane surface on which cbound is defined
TriMesh msh
 triangular mesh

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