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SpotRefine Class Reference

Detailed Description

Point mesh refinement.

See Also

#include <spotrefine.h>

Public Member Functions

 SpotRefine ()
 SpotRefine (const MeshComponent &c, const uint *vi, Real sratio)
 construct from triangle
bool overlaps (const SpotRefine &a) const
 check if this overlaps spot a
void merge (const SpotRefine &a)
 extand this spot to cover a
void append (Real f, DnRegionCriterionPtr rcp) const
 add corresponding region to criterion
std::ostream & write (std::ostream &os) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void mergeOverlaps (RSpotArray &xsa)
 join neighbor spots
static uint append (const RSpotArray &xsa, Real f, DnRefineCriterionPtr rcp)
 append all spots to criterion, return marker
static void erase (uint npre, DnRefineCriterionPtr rcp)
 erase appended regions using marker

Private Attributes

Vct2 ctr
 center in parameter space
Real ru
 u and v radius in parameter space
Real rv
Real maxsr

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