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StepBSplineSurface Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 StepBSplineSurface (StepID entityId=0)
virtual bool read (StepFileLine &line)
 read entity data from line
virtual void write (std::ostream &os) const
 write to text stream
virtual const char * keyString () const
 return key string for class
 StepBSplineSurface ()
 empty surface
 StepBSplineSurface (const char *s)
 read content from line
uint nrows () const
 control point grid dimensions
uint ncols () const
 control point grid dimensions
uint cpIndex (uint i, uint j) const
 access control point entity id
bool cpGrid (const StepFile &file, PointGrid< 3 > &grid) const
 assemble control point grid
virtual bool readLine (StepLine &line)
 read content from line
virtual void write (std::ostream &os) const
 every entity must be able to write itself to stream
- Public Member Functions inherited from StepEntity
 StepEntity (StepID id=0)
 construct with entity id
virtual ~StepEntity ()
 virtual destructor

Public Attributes

std::string name
int u_degree
int v_degree
DMatrix< StepID > control_points_list
StepBSplineSurfaceForm surface_form
StepLogical u_closed
StepLogical v_closed
StepLogical self_intersect
Indices cpix
 control point array entity ids
uint rows
 rows and columns of the above
uint cols
int uDegree
 degree in u- and v-direction
int vDegree
- Public Attributes inherited from StepEntity
StepID eid
 entity id

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