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StepCertifiedItem Class Reference
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Public Types

enum  Code { supplied_part_relationship }
- Public Types inherited from StepSelect
enum  ValueType {
  NotSet, Real, Integer, EntityId,
 enumeration to indicate the content type (primitive or entity)

Public Member Functions

bool read (StepFileLine &line)
void write (std::ostream &os) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from StepSelect
 StepSelect ()
 default: invalid object
bool valid () const
 determine whether object was defined or not

Public Attributes

StepCertifiedItem::Code value
- Public Attributes inherited from StepSelect
std::string m_string
 string content, set only if type == String
double m_real
 real-valued content, set only if type == Real
int m_int
 int-valued content, set only if type == Integer
StepID m_id
 entity content, set only if type == EntityId
ValueType type
 content type indication
int keyIndex
 key index

Static Private Attributes

static const char * stringrep []

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from StepSelect
bool read (StepFileLine &line, int lval, const char *stringrep[])
 extract a SELECT value from line, called by child class
void write (std::ostream &os, const char *stringrep[]) const
 write if defined

Member Data Documentation

const char * StepCertifiedItem::stringrep
Initial value:
= {

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