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StitchedWingSpec Class Reference

Detailed Description

Specification of wing with multiple segments.

Temporary object to facilitate the construction of wings with multiple segments which are based on different types of interpolation. This is especially useful for wings with blended winglets and cubic segments.

#include <stitchedsurf.h>

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Public Types

enum  SegType { SegLinear, SegCubic, SegWlBlend }

Public Member Functions

 StitchedWingSpec (const CurvePtrArray &crv)
 initialize with reference to curves
uint addSegment (uint first, uint last, SegType s=SegLinear)
 define a new segment from curves [first, last]
uint nsegments () const
 number of segments
void construct (SurfaceArray &slist, Vector &vbreak) const
 construct surfaces from segments

Private Attributes

const CurvePtrArray & cpa
 curves to use for interpolation
Indices sBegin
 specify which curves make up segments
Indices sEnd
std::vector< SegType > sType
 segment types

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