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TTIntersector Class Reference

Detailed Description

Intersect triangle meshes.

See Also

#include <ttintersector.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TTIntersector ()
 construct empty intersector
void addMesh (const MeshComponent &mp)
 add triangle mesh to root node
void sortFaces ()
 sort faces to facilitate searching (root node only)
uint bsearchFace (const TriFace &f) const
 find index for face f (requires sorting)
void updateBox ()
 update root node bounding box when all triangles added
uint nfaces () const
 number of triangles in this node
uint nisec () const
 number of tri-tri intersection segments collected
uint index (uint i) const
 global index of local face i
const TriFaceface (uint iglob) const
 access face with global index i
bool isLeaf () const
 check if this is a leaf node
TTIntersectorleftChild ()
 access the left child node
TTIntersectorrightChild ()
 access the right child node
bool bbIntersect (const TTIntersector &other) const
 check if this bounding box intersects other's box
bool samePatch (const TTIntersector &other) const
 check if this node is exclusively on the same patch as other
bool neighborPatch (const TTIntersector &other) const
 check if this node is on a neighbor patch of other
void split ()
 split node, create left/right children (not thread-safe)
void guardedSplit ()
 test is split is possible, then block and split
void ttIntersect (const TTIntersector &other)
 compute intersections with another node, face-by-face
void intersect (TTIntersector &other)
 serially compute intersections
void mtIntersect (ThreadPool &pool, TTIntersector &other)
 compute all intersections in parallel
void enforce (uint itri1, uint itri2, const Vct3 &psrc, const Vct3 &ptrg)
 enforce a segment manually
void addLineViz (MeshFields &mvz) const
 generate visualization for debugging
void addBoxViz (MeshFields &mvz) const
 visualize leaf boxes for debugging
void setComponents (Indices &idx, uint &inext) const
 set identify leafs as components (visu)
void collect (TTIntersectionArray &isc) const
 collect child intersections

Static Public Member Functions

static uint minFaceCount ()
 minimum number of triangles in node
static void minFaceCount (uint c)
 change minimum number of triangles in node

Private Member Functions

 TTIntersector (const SharedVector< TriFace > &afaces, const Indices &idx)
 split constructor

Private Attributes

SharedVector< TriFacetriangles
 original triangles
Indices ifaces
 indices of triangles in this node
std::vector< const
MeshComponent * > 
 patches present in this node
TTIntersectorPtr mleft
 child nodes
TTIntersectorPtr mright
TTIntersectionArray allisec
BndBox bb
 bounding box of this node
Mutex guard
 lock the current node for write access

Static Private Attributes

static uint min_node_triangles = 16
 split limit

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