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TTiNode Class Reference

Detailed Description

Point shared by two (or more) intersection segments.

See Also

#include <ttinode.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TTiNode ()
 undefined node
 TTiNode (const Vct3 &pt)
 define node with 3D point alone
bool attach (const TTIntersection &sa, const TTIntersection &sb)
 standard attachment to two intersection segments
void parametric (uint k, const MeshComponent *s, const Vct2 &uv)
 set surface and parametric point association
uint addParametric (const MeshComponent *s, const Vct2 &uv, uint ctr[])
 add parametric values for averaging
void average (const uint ctr[])
 compute average
const Vct3 & location () const
 location in 3D space
const Vct3 & normal () const
 normal in 3D space
uint index (const MeshComponent *s) const
 find index of patch pointer
const Vct2 & parameter (uint k) const
 access uv-parameter on patch k
bool enforced () const
 true if one of the attached segments is enforced
void enforced (bool flag)
 change enforcement status
Real gap () const
 gap between defined surfaces
void snapToBoundary (Real tol)
 move parameter towards boundary if within tol
bool onBoundary (Real tol=gmepsilon) const
 return true if this node is on any surface boundary
void localCriteria (Real &maxlen, Real &minlen, Real &maxphi) const
 determine local filter criteria from attached components
Real reproject (int niter, Real maxdst, Real dtol)
 reduce gap by means of repeated projection
void mesh2surface ()
 replace position in mesh by mean location on surfaces

Private Attributes

const MeshComponentmpp [3]
 for now, a node may be on max three surfaces
Vct2 q [3]
 parameter space coordinates on three surfaces
Vct3 p
 location and normal in physical space
Vct3 nrm
bool bEnforced
 indicates that one attached intersection was enforced

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