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TetBoundaryGroup Class Reference

Detailed Description

Boundary condition in a tetrahedral mesh.


#include <tetboundarygroup.h>

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Public Types

enum  BCondition {
  BcWall, BcFarfield, BcNacelleInlet, BcNacelleOutlet,
  BcMassFlowInlet, BcMassFlowOutlet, BcEulerTransp, BcUser
typedef DMatrix< int > IndexMatrix
typedef DVector< int > IndexVector

Public Member Functions

 TetBoundaryGroup ()
 empty boundary group
 TetBoundaryGroup (const TriMesh &m, int tag)
 extract group from TriMesh
void capture (const TetFaceArray &tfa)
 determine face list from tags
void enforce (TetFaceArray &tfa) const
 imprint boundary tag on faces
void facelist (const IndexVector &v, int offset)
 face index list
void tag (int t)
 access tag
int tag () const
 access tag
const std::string & name () const
 group name
void rename (const std::string &s)
 rename group
uint size () const
 number of triangles in this boundary group
uint face (uint k) const
 access triangle indices
BCondition boundaryCondition () const
 access BC tag
void boundaryCondition (BCondition b)
 change boundary condition tag
void nacelleInlet (Real eps)
 set BC and BC data for nacelle inlet
void nacelleOutlet (Real pr, Real tr)
 set BC and BC data for nacelle outlet
void mdotInflow (Real tmf, Real tt, const Vct3 &direction)
 set BC data for massflow inlet (edge)
void mdotOutflow (Real tmf)
 set BC data for massflow outflow (edge)
void ffamsh (const TetFaceArray &faces, FFANode &node) const
 append data to FFA mesh data structure
void ffaboc (FFANode &node) const
 append data to FFA boundary data structure
void cgnsBoundaryCondition (cgns::BCType_t b)
 assimilate CGNS boundary condition
void writeCgnsBoco (CgnsZone &z, int offset)
 write as cgns boundary condition set

Private Member Functions

void collectVertices (const TetFaceArray &faces, IndexMatrix &vertices, bool sensible_ordering) const
 collect vertex indices

Private Attributes

IndexVector ifaces
 list of triangles belonging to this group
std::string bname
 boundary name/identifier
int itag
 integer tag associated with this group
BCondition bc
 type of boundary condition to enforce
Vct3 fdir
 flow direction for mass flow BCs
Real pratio
 boundary condition data for Edge nacelle BCs
Real tratio
Real epsfan
Real mdot
Real ttotal

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