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TetElement Class Reference

Detailed Description

Element in a pure tetrahdral mesh.


#include <tetmesh.h>

Public Member Functions

 TetElement ()
 empty, undefined tet element
 TetElement (const uint vi[4])
 create defined tet element
 TetElement (uint a, uint b, uint c, uint d)
 create defined tet element
const uint * vertices () const
 access nodes
uint * vertices ()
 access nodes
bool operator< (const TetElement &a) const
 defines a unique ordering
bool operator== (const TetElement &a) const
 identical indices
bool cuts (const PointList< 3 > &vtx, const Plane &p) const
 check if plane cuts element
void addFaces (TriMesh &m) const
 add element faces to triangular mesh

Private Attributes

uint v [4]
 vertex indices

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