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TetMesh Class Reference

Detailed Description

Simple tetrahedral volume mesh.

TetMesh is a 'dumb' volume mesh container which does nothing more than support i/o to a few different formats. If the tetgen library libtet.a is available, the member function callTetgen() can be used to generate a quality-conforming Delaunay tetrahedralization of the domain limited by the given boundary triangles.

Note that tetgen may not terminate if excessive quality is called for.


#include <tetmesh.h>

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Public Types

typedef DMatrix< int > IndexMatrix
typedef DVector< int > IndexVector

Public Member Functions

 TetMesh ()
 create empty mesh
virtual ~TetMesh ()
 virtual destructor
void init (const TriMesh &allb)
 initialize from single mesh which contains all boundaries
uint nnodes () const
 count nodes
uint nfaces () const
 count boundary faces
uint nelements () const
 count tetrahedra
const PointList< 3 > & nodes () const
 access nodes
const TetFaceface (uint i) const
 access triangle i
TetFaceface (uint i)
 access triangle i
const TetElementelement (uint i) const
 access tetrahedron i
uint nboundaries () const
 number of boundaries identified
const TetBoundaryGroupboundaryGroup (uint i) const
 access boundary i
TetBoundaryGroupboundaryGroup (uint i)
 access boundary i
Vct3 findHolePosition (const TriMesh &m) const
 compute hole position from wall boundary mesh
bool findHoles (const TriMesh &m, PointList< 3 > &holes) const
 determine multiple holes for unconnected components
void initBoundaries (const TriMesh &wall, TriMesh &mfarfield)
 set location of hole marker More...
void reverseBoundary (uint k)
 reverse triangles of boundary k
uint groupByTag (int t) const
 locate boundary group by tag
void reorder ()
 reorder nodes
void cutElements (const Plane &p, TriMesh &tms) const
 generate a plane cut through the tetrahedral mesh
void toMx (MxMesh &mx) const
 convert to newer, more flexible mesh representation
void readTetgen (const std::string &bname)
 read tetgen format files with basename bname
void writeTetgen (const std::string &bname, int offs=1) const
 write tetgen format files
void writeSmesh (const std::string &bname, int offs=1) const
 write boundary only in smesh format (for tetgen)
void readCgns (const std::string &bname)
 read cgns file
void writeCgns (const std::string &fname, bool bcAsSections=false)
 write all present data to cgns file
void writeMsh (const std::string &fname) const
 write to bmsh file (for Edge)
void writeBoc (const std::string &fname) const
 write boundary conditions for Edge to file
void clear ()
 clear all data

Protected Member Functions

int readTetgenNodes (std::istream &is)
 scan node file and return node index offset
void readTetgenElements (std::istream &is, int offs=0)
 scan element file
void readTetgenFaces (std::istream &is, int offs=0)
 scan boundary face file
void collectFaces (uint itag, IndexMatrix &ielm) const
 collect boundary elements for boundary tagged with itag
void collectFaceIndices (uint itag, IndexVector &ielm) const
 collect indices of faces for boundary tagged with itag
bool triangleHole (const TriMesh &m, uint fix, Vct3 &hole) const
 check whether triangle fix can be used to determine internal point

Protected Attributes

PointList< 3 > vtx
TetElementArray tets
TetFaceArray faces
 boundary triangles
BGroupArray boco
 boundary region names
PointList< 3 > mholes
 hole positions

Member Function Documentation

void TetMesh::initBoundaries ( const TriMesh wall,
TriMesh mfarfield 

set location of hole marker

initialize boundary from wall and farfield mesh

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