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TgRefiner Class Reference

Detailed Description

Auxilliary data for tet mesh refinement using tetgen.

TgRefiner is used to write the metric files used by TetGen in order to refine an existing tetrahedral mesh so that it complies with criteria which cannot be expressed inside TetGen. In the present form, this class writes mtr files which approximately enforce an edge growth ratio limit.

See Also
PentaGrow, MxMesh

#include <tgrefiner.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TgRefiner ()
 set default values
uint appendBox (const Vct3 &plo, const Vct3 &phi, Real len)
 add another refinement box
void configure (const ConfigParser &cfg)
 read refinement box specification from config file
const Vector & edgeLengths (MxMesh &msh)
 determine target edge lengths
void writeMetricFile (const std::string &fname) const
 write nodal edge lengths to .mtr file

Private Member Functions

Real maxBoxedLength (const Vct3 &p) const
 determine maximum permitted edge length due to boxes

Private Attributes

Real m_fgrowth
 desired edge length growth factor
int m_nsiter
 number of edge length smoothing iterations
int m_ndistrib
Vector m_ledg
 nodal size field to be written to .mtr file
std::vector< Dop3d3< Real > > m_boxes
 refinement boxes
Vector m_lbox
 maximum permitted edge length within boxes

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