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TopoPart Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

Base class for mesh generation components assembled from multiple surfaces.

Each part can consist of one or multiple surfaces, where the topology among those surfaces is established by the TopoPart subclass.

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#include <topopart.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TopoPart (const std::string &s)
 named initialization
virtual ~TopoPart ()
 base class
virtual void configure (const ConfigParser &cfg)
 change part-specific configuration settings
virtual void inject (Topology &topo)=0
 insert this part into the topology object
virtual void appendTo (const Topology &topo, MxMesh &mx, bool mergeBc=false)=0
 append final face meshes to global (does no merge nodes)
virtual void importLegacy (const XmlElement &xe)
 (optionally) load geometry from legacy format (sumo 2.x)
virtual void makeLegacyCaps (Topology &topo)
 (optionally) generate cap surfaces for legacy geometry

Static Protected Member Functions

static DcMeshCritPtr basicCriterion (const Surface &srf, Real rfactor=1.0)
 utility: create crude initial mesh criterion if nothing else available
static uint appendWithBC (const TopoFace &face, int btyp, MxMesh &mx)
 utility: add a topological face to mx, tagging with Mx::BocoType btyp

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