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TopoSegmChain Class Reference

Detailed Description

Chain of intersection segments.

See Also
TopoIsecSegment, Topology

#include <toposegmchain.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::deque< uint > IdxChain
typedef std::vector< IdxChain > IdxChainArray

Public Member Functions

 TopoSegmChain ()
 create undefined intersection topology handler
uint extractTopology (const Topology &topo, Real threshold=gmepsilon)
 compute connectivity
uint generateEdge (Topology &topo, uint k) const
 create an edge from chain k

Private Member Functions

void mergeVertices (Real threshold)
 reduce number of points in chain without violating criteria More...
int mapSegments ()
 create a vertex-to-segment mapping
int onBoundary (uint s, uint v) const
 determine whether a vertex v on segment s is on a (u,v) boundary
Vct2 uvlocation (uint j, uint f) const
 determine (u,v) space point of vertex j on face f

Private Attributes

TopoIsecArray m_segm
 intersection segments
PointList< 3 > m_vtx
 final set of vertices in 3D space
IndexPairArray m_sfp
 surface pair for chains
IdxChainArray m_vchains
 identified vertex chains
IdxChainArray m_schains
 identified segment chains
ConnectMap m_map
 maps vertices to segment indices

Member Function Documentation

void TopoSegmChain::mergeVertices ( Real  threshold)

reduce number of points in chain without violating criteria

merge intersection vertices

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