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TopoVertex Class Reference

Detailed Description

Topological vertex.

See Also
Topology, TopoEdge

#include <topovertex.h>

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Public Types

enum  Corner {
  NoCorner, SouthWest, SouthEast, NorthEast,

Public Member Functions

 TopoVertex (const Vct3 &p)
 create vertex
 TopoVertex (const Topology &topo, uint iface, const Vct2 &uvp)
 construct on a single face
 TopoVertex (const Topology &topo, uint ifa, const Vct2 &uva, uint ifb, const Vct2 &uvb)
 construct on two faces (typically from intersections)
uint append (uint iface, const Vct2 &uvp)
 append face
void merge (const TopoVertex &v)
 merge with another vertex
uint findFace (uint iface) const
 find local index of face iface
const Vct3 & pos () const
 access location
bool closeTo (const TopoVertex &v, Real tol=gmepsilon) const
 test whether vertex is close to another one
const Indices & faces () const
 faces to which this vertex is attached
const PointList< 2 > & uvpos () const
 parameter-space location on faces
const Vct2 & uvpos (uint k) const
 parameter-space location on face k
int cornerType (uint gface) const
 classify vertex corner on global face index gface
void print (uint k, std::ostream &os) const
 plain text debugging output

Static Public Member Functions

static int classifyCorner (const Vct2 &p)
 classify a vertex according to corner description

Private Attributes

Vct3 m_position
 location in 3D space
Indices m_faces
 indices of faces on which this point lies
PointList< 2 > m_uvp
 parameter-space location on faces

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