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Topology Class Reference

Detailed Description

Container for topology information.

Class Topology stores faces and edges along with vertex data.

See Also
TopoVertex, TopoEdge, TopoFace

#include <topology.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Topology ()
 create empty topology object
uint nfaces () const
 number of faces defined
uint nedges () const
 number of edges defined
uint appendFace (SurfacePtr psf, bool uperiodic=false, bool vperiodic=false)
 add surface, generate four boundary edges by default
uint appendFace (const TopoFace &f)
 append an existing face
uint appendEdge (uint iface, uint a, uint b)
 generate a plain edge between vertices a,b
uint appendEdge (const TopoEdge &edg)
 append an existing edge
uint appendVertex (uint iface, const Vct2 &uvp)
 add a topological vertex
uint appendVertex (uint ifa, const Vct2 &uva, uint ifb, const Vct2 &uvb)
 add a topological vertex
bool shareEdge (uint i, uint j) const
 test whether face i is adjacent to face j
void connectEdge (uint fa, uint ea, AbstractUvCurvePtr pcv, bool isHole=false)
 introduce connections between face fa and edge ea
bool connectFaces (uint a, uint b, uint ea, uint eb, Real tol=gmepsilon)
 connect face fa with face fb along edge ea/eb, return true on success
bool connectFaces (uint fa, uint fb, Real tol=gmepsilon)
 try to connect two faces by searching for matching edges
bool vEnchain (uint a, uint b, Real tol=gmepsilon)
 connect v = 1 of a to v = 0 of b
bool vEnchain (const SurfaceArray &surfaces)
 add a set of faces and connect them in v-direction
uint fillPlaneBoundary (uint ebound)
 construct a plane closing surface inside a closed-curve edge, return face index
const TopoVertexvertex (uint k) const
 access vertex by index
TopoVertexvertex (uint k)
 access vertex by index
uint findVertex (uint iface, const Vct2 &uvp)
 linear search for vertex
uint findConnection (uint iface, const Vct2 &pa, const Vct2 &pb, Real tol=gmepsilon) const
 find global index of edge connecting pa and pb on face i
uint findConnection (uint iface, uint sideTag, Real tol=gmepsilon) const
 find global index of edge identified by tag on face i
const TopoFaceface (uint k) const
 access face by index
TopoFaceface (uint k)
 access face by index
const TopoEdgeedge (uint k) const
 access edge by index
TopoEdgeedge (uint k)
 access edge by index
void meshEdges ()
 discretize all edges
void meshFaces (bool allowConstraintSplit=false)
 discretize all faces
void mergeFaceMeshes (TriMesh &globMesh) const
 merge meshes of all faces into one global mesh
void intersect (TopoIsecArray &segm) const
 compute intersections between faces which do not share an edge
void toMx (MxMesh &mx) const
 join face meshes for debugging
void print (std::ostream &os) const
 plain text output for debugging

Private Attributes

std::vector< TopoVertexm_vertices
 topological vertices
std::vector< TopoFacem_faces
 faces (one for each surface)
std::vector< TopoEdgem_edges

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