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Todo List
Class AirfoilCollection
Move this to sumo.
Class AsyComponent
Move to sumo
Class CmpAssembly
Move to sumo
Class DcEdge
  • Pack flags into the high bits of the face indices -> 16 byte edge size
  • Store vertex indices+1 to avoid zero key in integer table
  • Make key function return first 8 bytes as uint64_t
Class DcEdgeOpenTable
  • Use first 8 bytes as key instead of key computation
  • Pack entire DcEdge objects into table and let table own edges
  • Store src+1 and trg+1 to eliminate key==0 case, elide branches
Class FsiMesh
  • Change search for nearest fluid element to use search tree for all fluid elements.
  • Move distance computation (integration point in nearest element search) to element type or MxMesh.
Class PolySplineSurf
Update genua/splinebasis.cpp to allow for derivation w/o allocation
Class RingCapSurf
  • How to avoid self-intersections for wavy boundaries?
  • Modify center slope to permit convergent pointed tips
Class StepFile
How to handle compound entities?
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