VZM User Manual

VZM is a package for the visualization, verification and analysis of NC machine programs. The documentation is concerned with the main graphical software component named ‘vzm.exe’ or ‘vzm.app’. Additional command-line tools exist, but are documented elsewhere. Additional information, such as tutorial videos, is available from the support website.



An overview of the general workflow and the file types used by VZM and associated tools.


Basic information concerning the user interface and settings that you may want to adjust to taylor the UI to your needs.


How to import geometry and define both simple and unusual kinematic chains in VZM.


Background information on using the NC program simulation, postprocessing and analysis features.


An introduction to facilities that support checking NC programs for correctness.

Fiber Placement Simulation

Documentation on features specific for automated fiber placement (AFP) simulations.

Generate NC Programs

Ho to generate NC programs for point- or path-based operations.