Video Tutorials: VZM

A few short video tutorials show how to get started with using the machine simulation vzm. Much more detailed information can be found in the user manual. Should you encounter difficulties with a particular topic, please send a request for additional tutorials.

Importing third-party Geometry

The first tutorial (2:40 min) demonstrates how to import machine geometry from a set of STL files (one per body). Some ther formats are supported as well, but STL files can be written by every CAD system. Some basic cleanup operations, such as merging of bodies and adding additional ones later, are also available. Geometry data used for this tutorial was doenloaded in STEP format from the robot manufacturer website and exported to STL from Autodesk Fusion 360.

Defining Basic Kinematic Chains

This slightly longer tutorial (8:30 min) shows how to define machine axis (joint) variables and assign them to joints in order to build up a simple kinematic chain. In this case, a standard industrial robot with parallelogram arm configuration is assembled (Comau NJ-110).