As a registered customer, you can access the latest binary packages from the link below (login required). The binaries require a license file to run. Note that the 64bit version of the program performs many tasks considerably faster than the 32bit version.


Open-Architecture Machine Simulation

As a standalone graphical machine simulation, VizMachine is particular suited for specialized simulations of NC-controlled machines. The software is usually adapted extensively to meet customers' requirements for the solution of a specific problem, and can also be modified by customers themselves since the entire source code is available for royalty-free licensing.

Standalone means that VizMachine is not integrated with any particular CAD system and can therefore be used independently without the need for additional CAD seat licenses. Machine geometry can easily be imported into VizMachine by means of neutral exchange file formats. In this way, VizMachine can achieve good runtime performance.

NC Program Simulation

For best accuracy, it is advisable to use VizMachine in combination with an external machine controller emulator provided by the controller vendor. If no such virtual controller is available, a generic controller emulator for the machine in question can be integrated. However, this will often adversely affect simulation accuracy, in particular with respect to timing and interpolation.

Customers with access to the Siemens 840D virtual NC kernel (VNCK) can make use of a small interface program which enables VizMachine to access the output of this controller emulator directly.

Note that VizMachine is a specialized simulation tool. It does not in itself provide capabilities for the generation of NC programs.

Program Verification

Since 2010, a number of features have been developed in order to assist R&D engineers and NC programmers in the verification and optimization of NC programs. Some examples are

  1. Visualization of machine axis velocities
  2. High-performance batch collision checking of multiple programs
  3. Simulation of composite material deposition (AFP)


VizMachine is available with a non-exclusive source code license which allows arbitrary modifications of the system by the licensee. Alternatively, node-locked binary licenses can be obtained as well. Please request a quote by email.

As a standalone software, VizMachine is independent of a particular CAD-system API and/or licenses. Graphical interfaces and high-performance visualization capabilities make use of the Qt libraries and OpenGL. Most of the underlying simulation functionality is, however, entirely independent of any graphical toolkit and can therefore also be licensed for integration in other software packages.

Source Code

Registered customers receive an account for the subversion source code repository which can be accessed through an SSL encrypted HTTP connection. Documentation for subversion itself can be found at Recommended graphical clients for subversion are TortoiseSVN for Windows and Versions for Mac OS X.

VizMachine depends on third-party libraries (boost and libQGLViewer), which are also checked into the subversion repository. Furthermore, two support libraries (called libgenua and libsurf) are needed to compile VizMachine; the latter two are available under a dual-licensing scheme (commercial and GPL). A source code license for VizMachine includes the right to use the support libraries in derived works. QGLViewer is licensed for use in VizMachine.

Component svn link

The recommended development environment is Digia's cross-platform QtCreator, but Microsoft Visual Studio can be used as well, in which case the installation of the Qt Visual Studio Add-in is advisable.

Included project files (*.pro) for QtCreator assume the following directory structure

  • bin
    • vzm
    • vzpp
  • lib
    • genua.lib
    • surf.lib
    • ...
  • src
    • config
    • boost
    • genua
    • ...
which simplyfies the build process, but is not strictly required. On Linux and Mac OS X, this shell script can be used to set up the directory structure and checkout the required source packages (requires subversion account).